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The Fold Academy


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 Want the best of both worlds? We teach a biblical worldview, like in homeschooling, with the addition of classroom time with peers and structure. Our teachers help you stay on track with your child's education. The children will have a community of peers who share your same values as they learn and grow. 
Our commitment is to keep you on pace by teaching all the concepts for the core subjects to your child and communicate with you so you can reinforce these concepts at home for your child’s full comprehension. This allows you to not have to keep up with dozens of subjects and curriculums for multiple grades. We do the heavy lifting, and you simply reinforce what’s been introduced to your child. With the foundational subjects being taught at our school, the other three days a week you can focus on the extracurriculars and arts that you want to enrich your child’s education with. 
For $200 a month, your child will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-2pm. (We even offer a sibling discount!) 
We maintain a minimum 12:1 student to adult ratio in our school. 
For information on curriculum type on your child’s grade level below.


Mother’s Day Out | Pre-K | Kinder

Our 2 year olds and early three’s have a fun structured, Montessori style day that keeps them engaged and entertained with learning without even knowing it. All our four-year-olds do My Fathers World curriculum for pre-K. Our Kindergarten also uses the My Father’s World Curriculum along with Pre reading From All About Reading.


1st | 2nd/3rd

Our 1st-3rd graders use Singapore Primary Mathematics, All About Spelling and All About Reading, Berean Builders science, and My Fathers World history. As well as a cursive book for 2nd and 3rd grade.



These grades use Singapore Primary Mathematics, My Father’s World for history, Berean Builders for science, and All About Spelling in 4th and Fix It Grammar in 5th for language arts.


Middle School 6th-8th

Middle schoolers use Singapore Primary Mathematics, switching to Saxon 8/7 when Singapore is completed. My Father’s World for history and English, Berean Builders for science, and All About Spelling in through 7th and IEW writing will be taught depending on your students grade.


High School

We are excited to offer 9th grade starting fall 2023! This would be a univ Please let us know if you would like your student to be a part of our academy!

Request Information

This current school year we have some limited availability in certain grades, please reach for more info.
APPLICATIONS for Fall 2023 open February 1st for new families, please fill out form below to be added to the notification list or for more information. 

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

The Fold of Grand Avenue Church
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